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There are two ways to order an image -- hard copy photo and/or an electronic version of the image.  Prices vary by medium (photo/electronic image) as well as size of print.  To purchase an image, please visit my Photo Reflect store front.

The price of an electronic image is $25.  Sending electronic images reduces my income potential because people who receive them often print their own pictures.

When photographing a subject, I make every effort to ensure the dog and handler are pleasingly posed.  When processing the images (for placing in my galleries and printing), I spend a lot of time editing to ensure detail in the dog's fur can be seen, that there are "catch lights" in their eyes (so you can see the eyes of dark dogs which eliminates a "dead" appearance), and that everyone in the picture is looking in the same direction (it's not easy to get everyone to look in the same direction at the same time).  This is why I take numerous images of each dog and handler -- I want you to be happy with the final product.

Because electronic images are like film negatives, they are owned and copyrighted by me.  If you use my electronic image on a personal, noncommercial website, all I ask is that you provide me proper photo credit.  Please remember that you may NOT sell or use my images for commercial print or publication without my permission -- doing so is considered copyright infringement and is illegal.

As always, I thank you for visiting.  Your patronage is greatly appreciated.