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I have two hobbies that I am passionate about -- agility and photography.

About Agility:  In 2003 I began training my sheltie, Dante, in agility at the Golden Rule School for Dogs.  Our achievements as well as images that were taken by other photographers can be viewed in the "Dante & Me" tab.

Rally Photos:  It was while training with Sandi Ver Sprill at the Golden Rule School for Dogs that I took my first steps in photography as a business.  My first photos were of Sandi's APDT rally in the spring of 2004 and I've been doing it ever since.   Photos taken at these Events can be found by clicking on the "Photos" tab which will link you to my "PhotoReflect" storefront. 

About my Photography:  I joined several camera clubs and am currently a member of the HUB Camera Club.  I've received several awards from intraclub competitions as well as New Jersey Federation of Camera Club (NJFCC) competitions.  My "Favorite Photos" tab has a few of those photos.