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I have been providing outstanding photos of Golden Rule School for Dogs obedience rallies since 2004.  Images you see vary in color/brightness from monitor to monitor but all images are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  I give each photo my personal attention before printing thus ensuring the images are their best.  They are edited as necesssary and I often crop, brighten and make various other adjustments (sorry, I do not remove warts or give anyone a face lift).  I make every effort to ensure the image purchased is what I, personally, would hang in my home or exhibit.

Photos taken at Events such as rallies, holiday portraits, etc, can be viewed/purchased at:  PhotoReflect

I've also included a separate page of my Favorite Photos.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

All images are the copyright of Nancie Bozza.  Downloading and usage without prior written consent is prohibited.  All rights reserved.